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Who Are We

We are a group of scientists from 🏫 ZJU-UoE Institute working on decoding puzzles in bio-medical sciences. Topics we are interested in include epigenetic regulation of transposable elements in stem cells and cancer, genomics technology and bioinformatic algorithm development.
By combining both "wet lab" (experimental 🔬) and "dry lab" (computational 💻) approaches, we hope to provide our unique expertises in advancing our understandings for bio-medical sciences.


We Are Exploring

Item 1

Epigenetics BEYOND DNA

Epigenetics study the changes of phenotype without changes in DNA sequence.The prefix epi- means "on top of".

Item 1

Transposable Elements THE 'JUMPING' GENE

For decades, scientists dismissed transposable elements, also known as transposons or “jumping genes”, as useless “junk DNA”. But are they really?

Item 1


Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) learn to drive cars, play GO, recognize images, transcribe speech and translate text. What AI is capable in genomics?


Meet Our Team

Wanlu Liu

Wanlu Liu, Ph.D. Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor, ZJU-UoE institute, Zhejiang University

📧 wanluliu@intl.zju.edu.cn 👩🏻‍💻 Personal Homepage @ ZJU
Siqian jin

Siqian Jin Lab Manager

M.S., Clinal Medicine (Ophthalmology), Wenzhou Medical University

📧 siqianjin@intl.zju.edu.cn
Junxun Lin

Junxin Lin, Ph.D. postdoctoral researcher

Ph.D. in Stem cell and regenerative medicine, Zhejiang University

📧 linjunxin@zju.edu.cn
Yixin Guo

Yixin Guo Ph.D. Student,Co-mentored with Dr.Wang Lie

B.Eng., Bioinformatics, Southwest JiaoTong University

📧 yixinguo@zju.edu.cn
Dengfeng Ruan


M.S., Clinical Medicine (Surgery), Zhejiang University

📧 dfruan@zju.edu.com
Xinyu Xiang

Xinyu Xiang Ph.D. Student

B.S., Applied Bioscience, Zhejiang University

📧 xxyxiangxinyu@163.com
Ziyuan Han

Ziyuan Han Ph.D. Student

B.S., Biomedical Science, Zhejiang University
B.S., Biomedical Science, University of Edinburgh

Bing Gao


B.Eng.,Bioengineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

📧 971223798@qq.com
Ziwei Xue

Ziwei Xue Undergraduate Researcher

Major in Biomedical science, ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang University

📧 ziwei.17@intl.zju.edu.cn
Xinyi Chen

Xinyi Chen Undergraduate Thesis Student

Major in Horticulture, Zhejiang University

Lanqi Wu

Ruonan Tian Undergraduate Thesis Student

Major in Bioinformatics, Huazhong Agricultural University

📧 rntian@webmail.hzau.edu.cn
Yuxing Zhou

Yuxing Zhou Undergraduate Researcher

Major in Bioinformatics, ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang University

📧 yixing.18@intl.zju.edu.cn
Lanqi Wu

Lanqi Wu Undergraduate Researcher

Major in Bioinformatics, ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang Univeristy

📧 lanqi.18@intl.zju.edu.cn
jiayi Shen

Jiayi Shen Undergraduate Researcher

Major in Bioinformatics, ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang Univeristy

📧 jiayi.18@intl.zju.edu.cn
Yiwei Zhang

Yiwei Zhang Undergraduate Researcher

Major in Bioinformatics, ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang University

📧 yiweiz.18@intl.zju.edu.cn
Zhiheng Jia

Zhiheng Jia Undergraduate Researcher

Major in Biomedical Science, ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang University

📧 zhihengjia.17@intl.zju.edu.cn
Ge Lu

Ge Lu Undergraduate Researcher

Major in Biomedical Science, ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang University

📧 ge.17@intl.zju.edu.cn
Jinchun Zhang

Jinchun Zhang Undergraduate Researcher

Major in Biomedical Science, ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang University

📧 jinchun.18@intl.zju.edu.cn

Previous Students

Kaiwen Luo

Kaiwen Luo Undergraduate RESEARCHER

Major in Biomedical Sciences, ZJU-UoE INSTITUTE, Zhejiang University

📧 kaiwen.17@intl.zju.edu.cn
Shiqi Xu

Shiqi Xu Undergraduate Researcher

Major in Biomedical Sciences, ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang Univeristy

📧 shiqix.18@intl.zju.edu.cn
Adele Valeria

Adele Valeria Undergraduate Researcher

Major in Bioinformatics, ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang Univeristy

📧 Valeria.18@intl.zju.edu.cn
Hanqi Xie

Hanqi Xie Undergraduate Researcher

Major in Bioinformatics, ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang Univeristy

📧 Hanqi.18@intl.zju.edu.cn
Yanran Qiu

Yanran Qiu Undergraduate Researcher

Major in Bioinformatics, ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang Univeristy

📧 yanran.18@intl.zju.edu.cn
Chook Hou Wei

Chook Hou Wei Undergraduate Researcher

Major in Biomedical Science, ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang University

📧 houwei.18@intl.zju.edu.cn
Ruihong Yuan

Ruihong Yuan Undergraduate Researcher

Major in Bioinformatics, ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang University

📧 ruihong.19@intl.zju.edu.cn
Jingkai Chen

Jingkai Chen Undergraduate Researcher

Major in Bioinformatics, ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang University

📧 jingkai.19@intl.zju.edu.cn
Weijian Wang

Weijian Wang Undergraduate Researcher

Major in Bioinformatics, ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang University

📧 weijian.19@intl.zju.edu.cn
Pengshan Li

Pengshan LiUndergraduate Researcher

Major in Bioinformatics, ZJU-UoE Institute,Zhejiang University

📧 pengshan.19@intl.zju.edu.cn
Lingyuan Ye

Lingyuan YeUndergraduate Researcher

Major in Bioinformatics, ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang University

📧 lingyuan.19@intl.zju.edu.cn

Our Works

*co-first author, #Corresponding author, members of our group are underlined.


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    RAD - Region Associated DEG is a web tool to identify region associated differentially expressed genes.


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